A Few Testimonials

What people are saying...

I just want to give a genuine thank you for the service Glenn provided. It brought me so much clarity on the direction I should take. He gave me prophetic insight on what should be my business...my business name, on what social media platforms I should pursue. That was so helpful in that season of my life. It brought me understanding, practical tools, and knowledge on what to do next to have that breakthrough to success!

Iveta Jonikaite, Fashion Industry Consultant

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Glenn Fink has been a instrumental part to the success and growth of my prophetic and spiritual  life. Through his mentorship I have learned many valuable things in a short time that for many would take years. The prophetic can have its ups and downs, but through it all Glenn has been there to help see me through it. The love he has for people is evident and shows through his counseling. Glenn Fink is so much more than just a counselor, advisor and mentor. He carries with him the love of the father and to many is just that! I recommend Glenn because with him, you will see the change you are looking for. Whether it breakthrough, growth, direction or counseling, Glenn will help you get where you need to be!

Brian Vela, Sales Associate

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When you talk with Glenn, bias and judgment are not an issue. His approach is so loving and caring, it allows you to really open up and be comfortable. His wisdom and insight is so accurate it's like he knows exactly what your going through! His advice is actually relative to your situation and is sensitive to it, not just general advice. That has allowed me to trust Glenn with my personal and sensitive episodes of my life. Overall, he reassures you and at the same time challenges you to reach the better version of yourself! Glenn is someone I seek when I need to talk to someone to sort my personal issues.

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Glenn has been a really good friend & Godly mentor to me for over 3 years. Glenn has spoken in the perfect time, much needed, Godly wisdom.  On many occasions, God has used Glenn to speak powerful prophetic words into my life that have always resonated and “bore witness” within my spirit. Glenn has truly been gifted by God with wisdom to give counsel that effects powerful change. He is able is able to speak the truth in love, regardless if it feels good or whether it hurts. Through the power & counsel of the Holy Spirit, Glenn is able to inspire a person to believe & hope that they can realize & walk in the promises & blessings that God has for their lives.

Kelly Small, Owner, Petra Skin Care

Glenn gave me what turned out to be a prophetic word when we first met. His simple statement was the most applicable comment that he could have said. I became hungry for God's spiritual truths after this experience, constantly reading my Bible. I witnessed miraculous healings... Glenn taught me to be bold, and how to recognize my authority in Christ... In all my life, I have never met someone more sacrificial and loving. Glenn has raised two brilliant children and continues to open up new ministries within the church. I view Glenn not only as a father figure, but as a leader worthy of following.

Nicholas Hubbard, 

Owner, Radiant Window Services

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When I first met Glenn, I was in a bad place spiritually and emotionally, suffering from self-esteem issues and depression. Glenn offered me wise counsel, reminding me who I am in Christ and stressing that my circumstances did not define me, nor disqualified me from being used by God in a meaningful way. He continues to challenge me by his example to stretch myself beyond my self-imposed limitations, and dare to follow my heart and calling to be the best me that I can be.


If you are in a bad place or are just seeking to improve yourself, I can think of no better person you can turn to for advice and/or coaching to bring out your very best you. You won't regret you did! 

Timothy Still, 

Systems Analyst, Columbia Basin College