Crazy, Silent World

A view of Park avenue and 42 street overpass with Grand Central Terminal in the background are seen as New York City attempts to slow down the spread of coronavirus through social distancing on April 1, 2020.

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As I write this, the world is crazier than I ever imagined it could be. The whole world is literally on lockdown, trying to stop the coronavirus pandemic. Bizarrely, people are buying toilet paper like crazy and hoarding food, creating shortages where none need to exist. Some people sit smugly prepared, ready to watch

the world burn. Others are running around doing a lot and accomplishing little. Some people rush out for groceries wearing rubber gloves. Then they come home, wash their hands raw, and hunker down with their Cheez-its and NetFlix, blocking out the world. Other people, like my wife, find the silence rejuvenating. Personally, I work from home and spend as much time as possible reflecting.

I thought the world was crazy during the very divisive last presidential election season, but who knows what to expect this year?

One interesting thing about the lockdown is the eery silence. It sometimes reminds me of one of the too many apocalyptic movies that are popular these days.

How do you deal with the silence?

Sometimes the silence shows us who we really are—and sometimes that is not welcome knowledge. When you look in the mirror, do you like, really like and admire what you see? Too often I don't. I get stressed about work, money, and all the distractions. It always seems I get much less done than I'd like.

I've found one of the best ways to deal with silence and stress is practicing gratitude. I have to work from home, but at least I have a job. We've run out of milk and lettuce, but at least I live in a country where I can buy more. I have lots of distractions, but I am grateful to be surrounded by people who love me and by many who are even paying to spend time with me. It's a really good life.

Gratitude is a wonderful practice, and many have recognized its power. But have you ever wondered who you are being grateful to? It would seem pointless ju

st thanking a random universe for the chance events that happen to be working in my favor. And the universe can't care or appreciate your thanks. We were certainly made for relationship—to give and receive love. Perhaps you believe in God and can be thankful to Him. That's a great improvement over thanking something that popped out of a quantum vacuum!

But do you know God? Does God know you? Each of us is smaller than a speck of dust when you zoom out to see our planet. Keep backing away, and soon our whole world, solar system, and galaxy disappear in the broad black universe. Is it possible to find significance when we are so small?

I believe so.

Because I have.

If you're wondering about your purpose, meaning, and identity in these crazy times maybe we should talk. Finding your own significance is the key to happiness that transcends the uncontrollable events we all experience. Check out our website today and start enjoying the time you spend with the amazing person you are!

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