Did you just get some bad news for your marriage? Does an unwanted divorce threaten your future happiness? If you’re like most Christian men this happens to, you are probably scared spitless.


Has this ever happened to you?





Maybe everything seemed okay. Then WHAM! You face the terrifying possibility that your marriage might be over.


  • Your children might lose their Dad.

  • Your wife might never return.

  • You might have to get a new place or stay on a sympathetic friend’s sofa.



How will you be able to afford two places when one was already costing so much?


What will the in-laws think?


What will your parents and friends think?

What about your church?


What about your non-Christian friends that you were trying to be a witness to?




Why trust me to help?

Sadly, I totally understand where you are coming from. For about 15 years my marriage seemed beautiful. We had two amazing children, we were happy Christian people who taught Sunday school, we homeschooled, and I was working a stable job making a good wage.

But then things started going sideways. Neither of us understood it at first.

In five more years, things were so bad that I thought I was going to lose my wife and the kids permanently.


While neither of us believe in divorce, for a while there we couldn’t even say, “Please pass the salt” without fighting.

I discovered new depths of panic.


And new levels of prayer.

My life-changing discovery...

In the middle of my mess I found something out about myself that, if I’d known before, I never would have gone so far down the path toward marital disintegration.


Believe it or not, I found out that I couldn’t give my wife what she needed because I was so insecure in my own identity

Good news: You don’t have to lose your marriage.


You don’t have to do this alone. I’d like to teach you in a few days of weeks what it took me over a decade to learn and apply.


Every marriage I can save makes all the pain my family suffered a little more worth it. You don’t have to go down that painful path. 

Let me share with you how I learned to be the man my family needed and how you can do the same. 

Right now I'm offering a free half hour coaching session that can start you on the journey of change. 

Connect with us today and get a free video with marriage-saving communication tips!

Yeah but...

  • I would be the last person to say that my life is perfect. I would be completely wrong to tell you I know all the answers.

  • It would be misleading to let you believe that my own loss doesn’t deeply hurt me some days.


  • But I have learned at a great price what it means to be an overcomer, and God calls me His success story in the telling!


  • I believe my experience (failures and successes) can help you find unshakable personal peace in yourself so you can be the best man you can possibly be for your family.


  • I can take the decades it took me to learn the importance of identity and help you reduce that to a few weeks or even days.


  • No one can promise what your spouse may do. But the best thing you can do is bring a whole, healed person to the relationship.


  • Perhaps you believe you can handle it on your own. I did. But I’ll tell you, it’s a long path. And every mistake I made cost my family dearly.

  • I don't want you to damage your family that way.


If I knew then what I know now, I’m convinced my marriage would have never been damaged as badly as it was.

Okay, I'm in!

Fantastic! All I need you to do right now is give me a way to connect with you:

Connect with us today and get a free video with marriage-saving communication tips!