Five Days of Fire

Starting 23 March 2020

Kingdom Power-Walk


You've been to church all your life. You've read all the Bible stories. But where is God in all that is happening right now? Is God's power something only for the distant past? Or can we walk in that power right now, in today's crazy world? 

With pandemic viruses, terrorism, market instability, and all the unknowns they bring, fear instead of faith may be knocking on your door. You are concerned for family, well-being, finances. You have faith, but how can you tap into the power of God to transform these crisis situations and protect the ones you love? Where is the power?


Is Christianity just a feel-good, head-in-the-sand escape from reality?

Far from it

The life of a Jesus-follower is anything but boring! Jesus was the original radical world-changer. The question is, "Do you dare to follow Him?"

I'm not talking about more church. I'm talking about miracles, healings, and more. And the best part, God wants to do them through you! 

We're hosting a full week of training and activation—five one-hour sessions—for just $27

Welcome to the Challenge!

Are you Ready for Adventure?

If you want to discover the secrets of powerful living in perilous times, join us in this 5-day challenge live on Facebook. 


In this short course you will learn: 

  1. The power of your true identity in Christ

  2. How to have intimacy with God like never before

  3. How to operate in the gifts of healing and miracles

  4. How to hear from God and speak prophetically

  5. And we'll wrap it all up with an amazing way to share your faith that will not only not offend people but that will make them thank you for sharing! 

Monday, 5PM,

23 March

—  Glenn Fink, Lead Trainer

Become what God always dreamed you would be.

God's basic unit of value: You!

Learn your authority as a believer

My Story

I was a preacher's kid. I'd been saved since almost as early as I could talk. I knew all the Bible stories and had all the answers.


But I was depressed, I had anxiety, my marriage was failing, and I was miserable. I had no power. 


Until I learned what the Gospel really says. Then the miracles started...

Satisfaction Guarantee

If after you try the challenge and you aren't totally blown away by what you receive, I'll happily refund your money. Really. So that means there's ZERO risk to you. I know you'll be so blown away by what you learn that you'll see $27 was ridiculously cheap.

I only have one goal: I want to change the world by connecting people to God. I want them to become radical, crazy world-changers, that's all. Because we've got a world to change!

Once you've paid, click the button below to join the private Facebook group and answer the questions. We'll activate you as soon as we verify payment.

If you really want to join but honestly can't afford it, direct message me on Facebook and we'll figure out how to make it work. Follow this link to my FB homepage.