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Relationship Success Secrets:

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Bryson's Story

Bryson Still, Internship Director

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Start with heart

This 5-day, $15 challenge June 22-26 will help you push the reset button on your own heart. Watch it change your relationships in every part of your life.

We need true, unselfish love to achieve happiness in any relationship; and the only way we can get it is to go to the source: God Himself!

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Heal the Trauma, Lose the Drama!

  • Enrich all your relationships with tried-and-true communication techniques.

  • ​Overcome emotional wounds and deep bitterness that harm connection with loved ones.

  • ​Dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

  • ​Become more effective in your life, relationships, and even your job!

  • ​Enhance your connection with God by understanding your created value.

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Ricardo's Story


Ricardo and his wife were on the verge of divorce. His marriage problems caused trouble at work and in his personal life. He couldn’t sleep, and he kept losing weight even though he was only 140 pounds. He thought his wife was totally against him, and he was just trying his best but was never appreciated.


With coaching, Ricardo began to understand that he could never make his wife change. He was the only one he could fix. It turned out he really never understood his own value. So when his wife found any problem with him, he took it hard and got mad.


After several sessions, Ricardo discovered his intrinsic value and his wife's. He started to see himself differently, and that changed his view of his wife. They are once again enjoying a healthy marriage—all because Ricardo did the difficult heart work he was needing.

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This Challenge is not for everybody

  • This challenge is not for people who blame others for their problems.

  • It's not for people who are just looking for some neat tricks or quick fixes.

  • Not for quitters!

Whether you want to improve a relationship you’re in now or prepare for the relationship of your dreams, I have the framework that will get you where you want to be. This challenge is for people who want to pay the price to revolutionize their lives and make the best of their significant relationships. Join us! Sign up below...

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you take this challenge, do the activation exercises, and follow the instructions, but you don't see an immediate improvement in your ability to relate, we'll happily refund your money. Really. That means there's ZERO risk to you. I know you'll be so blown away by what you learn that you'll see $15 was ridiculously cheap.

I only have one goal: I just want to change the world. To do that, I've got to change hearts and homes one at a time. Come on this 5-day journey with me and make an investment that will change your life!

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